Lonely bouquets, kindness and community spirit

This time last week, we had already popped each of our Lonely Bouquets out into Hartburn and were watching the stories and social media attention roll in with our mouths wide open.

We couldn’t quite believe how many people had seen our little project, and one of those people was Alex Cook, a training journalist from Teesside University. He came along to meet Caroline and Gillian Edge of Flowerhouse earlier this week and talk all about the project, our WI, the village of Hartburn and all things community. If you’d like to read his full article, please click here (it’s a fab read and you may be able to spot yourself in some of the photos!)

As Alex writes, the premise of the Lonely Bouquets project was “to leave 45 lonely bouquets of spring flowers, including Tulips (Tulipa gesneriana), Orchids (Orchidaceaeand Irises (Iris), in different local locations such as the local community centre, the park and the bowling club, for people to find and let an unexpected gift brighten their day.”


However, once Caroline had posted the photo on to Facebook, announcing that the flowers were out, the ripple effect began. Soon, we were receiving countless likes, shares and comments, with the post eventually reaching over 25,000 people! We even had a message from the president of a WI in New Zealand, praising the project and expressing an interest in replicating it.

We were astounded at the response and even more pleased when the messages from the flowers new homes rolled in, including one from a lovely lady whose husband recently passed away, so the flowers were a welcome gift.

Let’s see if we can do any better next year! Thank you to all the people that have been involved with the project this year, including all of the members that came to the meeting, Flowerhouse and Alex Cook.

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