Caring Kind Harts


Bouyed by the success of our recent Lonely Bouquet Day and Easter egg appeal, our Kind Harts wanted to do something to support the valuable work of the Butterwick Hospice, and low and behold we had a trial run of our new project this week !

Following discussions with the clinical staff, our ladies decided to offer a kindness to patients and their visitors by extending the range of refreshments available to them, especially for times when visitors don’t want to stray too far from their loved ones or the hospice cafeteria isn’t open.

On Wednesday morning some of our Kind Hart ladies went along to the hospice armed with 5 hampers and a cake stand full of home-made cakes and cookies as well as beverages and other goods. They were gratefully received and duly placed in the Galley, and by Friday evening everything had gone ! The staff explained how much our gifts had been appreciated, particularly items for the children, so we are planning to make a donation on a regular basis. Not only would we like to support the outstanding work of the staff and volunteers, hopefully our small act of kindness will let those in need of the hospice’s services know that there are people thinking of them and the difficult time they may be facing.

Many thanks to those of our Kind Harts – Maureen, Christine, Pam,  Bernice, Caroline and Ellie – for baking and donating such a delicious array of goodies. Oh, and one of our little #HVWIRocks! kindness rocks also found its way to Butterwick too !


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