Monday Makes – kid-friendly bonfire night crafts

1be59174656f82a8d69506cc66003c99If you’ve got little ones to look after today, why not fill some time before the fireworks tonight with some bonfire-themed crafts? These are all very easy and quick, so they’re ideal for littles!

Fireworks in a jar – this is more of a science project than a craft, but it would be perfect for toddlers that are fascinated with colours

Firework salt painting – this craft uses very basic materials, most of which you’ll just have lying about in the house, and the effect they have together is brilliant!

Safe sparklers – kids love sparklers, but we all know that they can be a bit dangerous, so these homemade paper ones will put your mind at ease

Paper tube firework art – kids will love getting messy with this craft!

Blow-paint fireworks – who remembers blowing paint through straws to make art? That’s exactly what this craft is, but make sure you use paper straws to help our environment

Firework cookies – you can easily use digestives instead of making your own biscuits for this craft. Kids will love using multi-coloured icing to decorate them!

Scouring pad fireworks – who knew a scouring pad could be so multifunctional? But just look at the effect it has in this craft!

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