Monday Makes – homemade Easter treats

cinnamon-sugar-bunnies-puff-pastry-easy-Easter-treat-5It’s the time of the year when all the chocolate and sweet treats hit our supermarket shelves, but why not try making your own Easter goodies? We’ve put together this little list to help you get inspired!

Chocolate chip hot cross buns – our recipe from yesterday would be perfect for Easter! Try them warm with a good layer of butter

Cinnamon sugar bunnies – these little bunnies are ideal if you’re a pastry fan. Featuring a frosting cotton tail and lashings of cinnamon sugar, they’re sure to be a real hit

No bake Easter egg slice – baking isn’t for everyone, so if you fall into that category, you should try out this Easter egg slice!

Carrot cake roll – you’ve heard of a Swiss roll and there’s a Yule log for Christmas, but what about a carrot cake roll for Easter?

Chocolate covered carrot strawberries – yes, the name of this one is a bit odd, but wait til you see the photos in this post!

Mini egg brownie parfaits – if you’re looking to do individual desserts for the Easter dinner, these parfaits could be perfect

Hot cross bun bread and butter pudding – on the other hand, if you want a pud to share, this bread and butter pudding will be right up your street

Easter egg cookie dough truffles – these truffles promise to be decadent and delicious, so whip up a batch for yourself (they’re definitely not for sharing)

Slow cooker Creme Egg fudge – this recipe only requires three ingredients and a slow cooker, but it makes the most moreish fudge!


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