Monday Makes – summer party ideas

17cc39faefb8eaa0908980e5d53647adNow that summer is well and truly here, along with a lovely little heatwave, many of us have been spending a lot of time outdoors. This could be to do a spot of gardening, have a BBQ or just enjoy the rays a little, but why not celebrate this time by throwing a garden party? We’ve thrown together a few crafty ideas to get the ball rolling!

Glitter ice cubes – while these ice cubes are not edible, they’d look great in an ice bucket with a bottle of champers!

Cardboard ring toss – this game is very easy to make and you or your kids can have fun decorating each ring before trying to score a point.

Hawaiian leis – add a tropical touch to your party with these homemade leis.

Bunting cupcakes – cupcakes are ideal for any sort of party and these ones feature an adorable bunting motif!

Fruit sparklers – this is a much more fun way of presenting a fruit salad!

Paper umbrella garland – you know we love a garland here at HVWI, and this could be one of our favourites.

Decorative palm leaves – these paper leaves are so easy to create and could be used in a variety of ways.

Fresh strawberry lemonade – no one will be able to resist this delicious drink!

Monday Makes – summer embroidery inspiration

d14e0962e93e7ca17abe39c1628895a6Not only do we get some lovely sunny days and lots of time outdoors during the summer, but all the flowers come into bloom and everywhere is covered in colour. In our minds, that makes summer the perfect season to draw inspiration from for embroidery! We’ve put together a few links to get your cogs turning and inspire you to start a new project this summer!

Fancy flamingo – this gorgeous flamingo was featured in the 69th issue of Mollie Makes magazine, but you can still see the images on the website. It’s so cute and fun!

Summer hoop art – these hoops feature other elements besides embroidery, so they’d be great to try if you wanted to have a go at something new.

Felted veggies – again, these hoops feature something other than embroidery – felted veggies! The effect is absolutely brilliant and the finished pieces would look great in a kitchen or dining room.

Summer colour explosion – this kit is exactly what it says on the tin – summer with a whole load of colour!

Silk ribbon flowers – this design is a little more advanced, but the overall effect is just gorgeous.

Embroidered denim – technically, you can embroider anything you want on to denim, but we love the floral example in this blog post. It’s a great way to make your wardrobe unique!

Bee happy – this is similar to the denim, but we love the little bee design on this t-shirt.

Aztec necklace – if you’re into jewellery design, this may be the project for you. This necklace is bold and fun, and can be made with any colours you like, so it’s totally one of a kind!

To plant a garden… – we think this is our favourite out of all the projects in this post. What a lovely quote!