Monday Makes – Christmas wreaths

pinecone-wreathA key part of Christmas decor is a wreath and while there are plenty of lovely ones on the market, it’s so easy to make your own! You can get super creative and bold, or go minimalistic, making it exactly the way that you like. In this post, we’ve included links to some great tutorials to get you inspired!

Plaid and poinsettia wreath – this wreath is super simple, so it could easily be made in a short amount of time if you’re in a pinch.

Truly gifted wreath – if you’re into a more bold look, this wreath is for you.

Edible herb wreath – this wreath is a little different to a typical pine wreath, as it’s made from herbs! This would look great in the kitchen, and you snip herbs off whilst you’re cooking.

Affordable bauble wreath – this wreath is made from cheap materials, so it’s ideal if you’re on a budget, but want a showstopper!

Glitter pine cone wreath – while this wreath has a bit of a natural element, but also a ton of glitter, so it’s a good balance.

Traditional wreath – if you’re a red, gold and pine wreath type of person, this traditional wreath will be right up your street.

Gold and mint paper wreath – this trendy wreath goes against the typical Christmas colours.

Felt wreath – this wreath can be customised with your favourite colours and adds a bit of texture to your decor.

Pom pom wreath – pom poms are so trendy right now, so this wreath will bring your decor up to speed.

Winter wonderland white feather boa wreath – looking to have a chic Christmas? Make this snowy white wreath to put up inside your home.

Monday Makes – Creative Christmas bakes

4b91e1c18675756ceca312e51e34c94aOne of the best parts about this season is the baking. There’s a variety of flavours you can incorporate, like classic winter spices or chocolate, and so many fun ideas that will make bakes that extra bit more festive. In this post, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite creative Christmas bakes, so you can have a go at home!

Snowman cupcakes – these little guys are so simple to make and look so cute! They’d be perfect for a kids party.

Gingerbread men brownies – gingerbread men are a staple at Christmas, but this recipe offers a much more chocolatey alternative.

White chocolate dipped ginger cookies – if brownies aren’t your thing, try these ginger biscuits that have been decorated to look like Christmas puddings!

Mint snowman marshmallows – we’ve never even considered making our own marshmallows, but after seeing these adorable faces, we’re very tempted.

Stained glass biscuits – these biscuits are so easy to make and taste great too. They’d look gorgeous as edible decorations for the tree.

Rice crispy Christmas trees – everybody has made crispy cakes at some point in their lives and this recipe takes that one step further by showing you how to mold them into cute Christmas trees. Ideal for doing with kids!

Turkey, cranberry and brie rolls – not into sweet baking? Then these Christmas sausage rolls are perfect for you.

Christmas pudding cupcakes – the effect of these cupcakes is superb and we bet that they taste fabulous too!

Mulled wine cheesecake – yep, you read that right! This recipe from Sainsburys features mulled wine mixed with chocolate, so you know it’s going to be good.

Mince pies with shortbread pastry – of course, we had to include a mince pie recipe in this post, but this one has a slight twist. Instead of using sweet shortcrust pastry, these guys have shortbread pastry, making them deliciously buttery.

Monday Makes – Things to make with dried orange slices

eff7abf7401ad050b3e8381efdff452cAt Christmas, dried orange slices are absolutely everywhere, whether you make them yourself or not. Not only do they look great, but they also smell gorgeous too, so they’re brilliant to have in the home at this time of the year. In this Monday Makes, we’re sharing a list of lovely festive bits that you can make with orange slices, and some are so easy that it’d be rude not to give them a go! If you’d like to dry your own orange slices, then take a look at this tutorial.

Orange and cinnamon stick garland – garlands are fab all year round, but we love this natural, festive one. It’d make the house smell delicious.

Orange and clove baubles – before popping your orange slices in the oven, add a few cloves to ramp up that festive scent.

Dried fruit wreath – if you’re using a more earth-toned colour palette for your Christmas decorations, these wreaths will be right up your street.

Dried fruit bells – this DIY involves drying out other fruit slices, like apple and grapefruit, but the results are worth the effort!

DIY Christmas ornaments – this post has lots of ideas for Christmas ornaments, but we particularly like the dried orange slice baubles with the cinnamon sticks. So cute!

Potpourri – everybody loves the smell of Christmas, so why not capture it in a bowl by adding orange slices, star anise, cinnamon and pine cones together? This would make a great gift.

Christmas-scented bag – these little bags are perfect for popping on the radiator, so as your house gets warmer, the scent fills the air.

Dried orange wrapping decor – this blog post has so many ideas on how to use dried oranges, but our favourite is the image of the dried orange slices being used as decoration on wrapped presents.