Monday Makes – Easter baking ideas

dd12839da4aefa7624b0c68368dfb8acNot all crafts require paper, glue, fabric or threads. For some, all you need is a few baking bits and an oven, so today, we’re going to be sharing a few ideas for adorable Easter bakes that will set your taste buds going! There are some that require very little effort for those of us that aren’t too handy in the kitchen, and more extravagant bakes that would look great as a table centrepiece!

Creme Egg rocky road – rocky road is one of the easiest things to make and you don’t even need to use the oven! This one features mini Creme Eggs for a bit of Easter indulgence.

Mary Berry’s hot cross buns – there are so many varieties of hot cross buns on the market now and they’re an absolute staple at this time of the year, so why not try making your own?

Scotch Creme Eggs – we know you’ve heard of scotch eggs, but have you ever heard of scotch Creme Eggs?

Vanilla shortbread bunnies – this is a simple recipe that results in deliciously buttery shortbread – something that everyone loves!

Creme Egg cheesecake – if you’re looking for a showstopping Easter dessert, this cheesecake is perfect for you!

Hidden Easter bunny loaf – this cake is a little more traditional-looking, but inside, it hides a chocolate bunny throughout!

Mini lemon flower tarts – if you’re not a fan of chocolate, these little lemon tarts will be perfect for you.

3 Easter cupcake ideas – this post features 3 cute cupcakes, each themed around Easter animals. They’re almost too adorable to eat!

Meringue chicks – these would make ideal gifts or edible table decorations.

Mini egg Easter drip cake – again, this showstopping cake will look gorgeous as the centrepiece of your dining table.

Easter crafts for kids

5007b2ef1dcdd22eb7b350e579cfa985We realise that Easter is a little way off yet (we’ve just checked our calendar and it’s only a few weeks so not that far away in all reality), but it’s good to get organised! So for today’s Monday Makes, we thought we’d share a few Easter-themed crafts to keep little ones happy over the Easter break.

Handprint chick puppets – kids will love dipping their hands in yellow paint to make these bright chick puppets!

Shaving cream eggs – don’t be put off by the ‘shaving cream’. This is a fun and colourful craft that will make the gloomiest afternoon brighter.

Mini carrot egg baskets – these little carrot baskets will be perfect for collecting eggs on an egg hunt!

Easter egg biscuits – colour each biscuit in colourful icing, then let your kids go crazy with decorating!

Paper plate chick nests – kids will love decorating each nest with bright colours and textures.

Easter egg potato stamping – who else remembers doing potato stamping as a child? Relive that memory and let your kids get creative with their designs.

Chocolate nests – this is a classic Easter treat!

Cake case daffodils – this is such a unique idea and will mean you can have daffodils in your home all year round.

Water marble eggs – similar to the shaving creams eggs, except you use real eggs for this craft!

Cardboard tube bunnies – this family of bunny rabbits will look so cute on the Easter table.

Monday Makes – Easy Mother’s Day crafts

11c5846e9efb01bc316b4286f21c9859There’s nothing better than giving someone a homemade gift on a special occasion, and Mother’s Day is no exception! You don’t have to fork out a load of money to tell your mum you love her, so we’ve collected some ideas together of things you can make! So whether you’re 6 or 66, why not try making one of these crafts for Mother’s Day next week?

Tea cup card – we love this idea! Why not pop your mum’s favourite tea inside the cup as an extra surprise?

Mother’s Day jar – pop lots of mini-sized treats into a jar for your mum, like smellies and chocolate, then decorate it to suit her style.

Photo cubes – you can purchase many of the items needed for this craft from the local craft shop and use your favourite photos to decorate. They’d look great stacked up on the mantelpiece!

Lovebug handprint card – this is a fab idea for getting toddlers involved with Mother’s Day.

Slogan box frame – this is a purchaseable frame, but it would very simple to replicate the effect with a printout, some faux flowers and an empty box frame.

Sock kangaroo – if sewing is your thing, you’ll love these kangaroos, complete with a little joey in the pouch!

DIY bath bombs – you can’t go wrong with bath products on Mother’s Day, so why not try making your own?

Celery-print roses – again, this is a great craft idea for younger children that can be used to decorate a card.

Personalised plant pots – when the summer months roll in, your mum will love growing flowers in her very own painted plant pot!