Monday Makes – macrame hints, tips and inspiration

mary-maker-studio-digital-pattern-pdf-nectar-advanced-macrame-wall-hanging-pattern-download-11816474804318_2048xSo far, in our Monday Makes series, our macrame post has been the most popular. In fact, it’s actually the most popular post on our entire website! Because of that, we thought it was only right that we do a bit of a follow up on it, and give you some more hints, tips and inspiration.

5 macrame tips that you need to know – this post is ideal for beginners and spells out some basic tips to help you get started.

Basic macrame knots: step by step guide – there are tons of different knots to learn about in macrame, but this post teaches you about the essentials!

Macrame table runner – if you love a bit of boho in your home, you’re going to love this table runner. This post also has a video tutorial!

Beginner macrame projects other than wall hangings – we all love a wall hanging, but sometimes, it pays to be a bit more ambitious as a beginner. Take a look through this post and see what you could create.

DIY macrame bag – this would make a unique alternative to a supermarket shopping tote!

Macrame feathers – we love the look of these feathers. Try adding them to wall hangings!

Modern macrame patterns – transform your home into a contemporary space with these beautiful modern patterns.

Macrame-inspired Christmas star ornaments – while these stars aren’t strictly traditional macrame, they’re still gorgeous and require knotting to be created.

DIY mini macrame wall hanging using one knot – this is as simple as it gets, so if you’re nervous to try out large projects, give this a go!

10 steps to becoming a macrame master – this fun post gives you projects that work up the macrame rankings to help you achieve master status.

Monday Makes -10 ways to re-use plastic bottles

1.-verticle-garden-plastic-bottles-recycling-ideas-11The Doomsday clock is forever ticking down and the human race only have 12 years to change their habits until irreparable damage is done to our environment and the world. One way that we can help is lowering our plastic waste! While going completely plastic free isn’t something that can be done overnight, there are ways to re-purpose old plastic, so we thought we’d share this post of 10 ways to re-use plastic bottles.

Hanging herb baskets – create your very own vertical hanging garden like you can see in the image above! You can click the link provided to see how to do it, as well as a few other bottle garden ideas.

Bird feeders – help our British wildlife to thrive and create your very own bird feeders. This is also a great craft for kids!

Hedgehog planters – how cute are these little guys? They’re so easy to make too.

No sew pencil case – who would have thought that you could turn a simple plastic bottle into a pencil case? These are perfect for back to school!

Phone charging cradle – create a little cradle for your phone that hooks on to a wall socket. That way, you won’t have to pop your phone on the floor whilst it’s charging!

DIY sprinkler – summer may be coming to an end soon, but this plastic bottle sprinkler is the perfect way to see it out in style. Kids will love playing in the water or you could use it to water your plants.

Fairy houses – kids will love designing and creating their own fairy houses from plastic bottles. You could make a whole village!

Kitchen sink sponge holder – this is similar to the phone charging cradle, except this holder hooks around your kitchen tap to house your sponge.

Mini greenhouses – plastic bottles are perfect for creating little greenhouses for starter plants. You adjust humidity by screwing the lid on or taking it off, and the bottles can be positioned outside, as they’ll protect the plant from wind and frost!

Plastic bag dispenser – need somewhere to store your shopping bags? Try making this handy dispenser!

Monday Makes – summer crafts for kids

Citrus-Stamped-tea-towels1We all know how hard it can be to keep kids entertained during the summer holidays, so we thought it would be a fab idea to put together a little list of inspiration! From littles to larges, we’ve grabbed ten ideas to get their hands messy and keep them stimulated over the summer season.

Little chia pet heads – who remembers growing cress as a kid? This is the perfect projects to switch on the nostalgia and teach your little ones about growing.

Giant paper pinwheels – these classic windmills are a great excuse to dip into your pretty paper stash (we all know you’ve got that one pad of paper that’s too beautiful to use – now’s the time!)

Popsicle stick bird feeder – as the weather gets hotter, the more ice lolly sticks you’ll acquire! Put them to good use with this bird feeder.

DIY kaleidoscope – this is such a fun project that children will love. Looking through the tube at the colourful beads will be magical!

Galaxy jars – kids will love making these mystical jars and bottles. They can experiment with colours and make them totally unique.

Toilet paper plane – not only is this a fun little project, it provides children with a homemade toy to play with throughout the summer!

Balloon bowls – older kids will absolutely adore making these super colourful balloon bowls! They’re fun to create and provide them with an extra special storage solution for their rooms.

Sandpaper printed t-shirts – help your children to decorate their plain t-shirts by using sandpaper and crayons!

Magnetic slime – a bit of a weird one, but slime has taken the web by storm lately, and kids of all ages will love making this magnetic goop.

Citrus-stamped tea towels – we’ve all loved stamping fruits and vegetables on to paper or material, so pass the craft on to the younger generation!