Homemade bagels

bagels_47163_16x9We usually like to theme our Sunday recipes around seasonal ingredients or events that are happening, but today, we thought we’d share something that we think is just downright, plain yummy! Everybody loves a good bagel, but instead of buying them from the shop, why not make your own? Imagine serving up a piping hot, homemade bagel, stuffed full of your favourite fillings! Continue reading “Homemade bagels”

Gluten-free sundried tomato bread

recipe-image-legacy-id--1273643_8Happy June, everyone! We’re looking forward to more glorious weather and all the yummy fruits and veg that summer brings. To celebrate, we’re sharing this recipe for sundried tomato bread that’s even perfect for people with a gluten intolerance! It’s a quick and simple bread to make, and can be on the table in an hour. With a tomato flavour running throughout, this is the ideal bread for the summer months and is particularly good served warm. Continue reading “Gluten-free sundried tomato bread”