Spiced pavlova with plums and cherries

Hairy Bikers' Comfort FoodHappy October 1st to all of our members and readers! As it’s been officially autumn for well over a week now, we feel like it’s time to bring in a spiced recipe. Pavlovas are a classic dessert and we love the autumnal spin on this one, with the boozy cherries, spicy plums and crunchy meringue. It’s a bit of a time-consuming recipe, but the results are fab and it looks great as a centrepiece.
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Vanilla panna cotta with berry compote

vanillapannacotta_87907_16x9Despite being very excited for all the warm and spicy flavours that autumn brings, we’re still clinging on to the fresh, light and fruity tastes of summer. Today, we’re sharing a very easy recipe for panna cotta – a dessert that isn’t too filling, but amazingly creamy and delicious. It’s one of those things that we see on restaurant menus all the time and vow to try at home, and with this recipe, we can all give it a go! This recipe makes 4 individual panna cottas, so if you’re making them for more people, you may need to adjust the ingredient quantities. Continue reading “Vanilla panna cotta with berry compote”

Queen of puddings

queen_of_puddingsCan we get a bow or a curtsy? The Queen of puddings has arrived! This traditional British pud is similar to a Manchester tart, only much more regal. It consists of a baked custard base, raspberry jam and a meringue topping. It’s ideal for dessert on a warmer day, so while the weather hasn’t exactly been ideal here at Hartburn Village WI, we can certainly plan ahead! Continue reading “Queen of puddings”