Pistachio meringue with vanilla cream and summer berries

MeringueAs it’s still a bit hot and muggy here, it’s not really the best time for hot puds (as much as we’d love some steamed syrup pudding and custard). In today’s recipe, we’re giving you a chilled, light option to enjoy after your meal – a pistachio meringue with vanilla cream and summer berries! This recipe comes from a WI member, Nicky McDonald from the Surrey Federation, so it’s bound to be scrumptious! Continue reading “Pistachio meringue with vanilla cream and summer berries”

Toffee apple pots

Toffee-Apple-PotsWho else was knocked for six by that crazy heatwave we just had? It had us thinking about all the things we love about autumn and winter, like the crisp air, the crunchy leaves and some of the yummy foods, including toffee apples. They were such a fun treat for bonfire night! Inspired by this, we’ve decided to include them in today’s recipe for individual toffee apple pots. This recipe could also work for a full toffee apple flan or dessert pot, but look how gorgeous they are in their own glasses! Continue reading “Toffee apple pots”