Chilli cardamom sorbet and tuile biscuits

chilli-cardamom-sorbet-cropped-and-resizedIt would be rude of us to not share an ice cream-y recipe during this heatwave that we’re having, wouldn’t it? We’re certain that plenty of you have been dining al fresco over these past couple of weeks, and if you’re planning another outdoor meal, why not try this dessert? Chilli and chocolate are an age-old pairing that work so perfectly together. Don’t worry, the chilli is only subtle and combined with the frozen coolness, this dessert is sure to be a hit with the whole family!
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Strawberry tart


Summer is quickly approaching and with that comes one of our favourite fruits… strawberries! They’re such versatile little berries that are gorgeous in colour and so delicious in flavour. What’s not to like? So to celebrate these little guys coming into season, we’re sharing a recipe for a scrumptious strawberry tart, loaded up with a creamy mascarpone filling, passionfruit and redcurrant jelly, and of course, strawberries! Continue reading “Strawberry tart”

Tiramisu tart

tiramisu-tart-wie-perfect-pies-resizedOne thing we really love about the tried and testes WI recipes is that many of them feature a spin on a classic, and that’s exactly what today’s recipe is all about. This is a tiramisu tart, featuring all the classic elements of a tiramisu encased in a pastry shell. It’s scrumptiously creamy and rich, making it ideal as a dessert or as an afternoon tea treat. Because it’s a cold treat, it’s perfect for the warmer weather too! Continue reading “Tiramisu tart”