Asparagus quiche

Fresh green asparagus on table

Last week, we featured on of our favourite seasonal vegetables, spinach, and this week, we thought we’d follow the same sort of idea. This time, it’s all about asparagus! This green veg is great in all sorts of dishes, including this easy peasy quiche that the whole family will love. It’s cheesy, eggy goodness all encased in homemade pastry – what’s not to love? Served up warm or cold, this dish is ideal for the summer season. Continue reading “Asparagus quiche”

Tomato, spinach and ricotta lasagne

lasagne-resizedIt seems as though the weather is completely on our side for our Sunday recipes lately, however, we aren’t sharing an al fresco treat this time around. Today is all about spinach, an ingredient that is currently in season and so delicious in a range of dishes. This is a lasagne featuring the green veg, along with its traditional pairing, ricotta, and a homemade tomato sauce, making this a yummy vegetarian dish that the whole family can enjoy. Serve it up with a side salad and garlic bread for the ultimate indulgence!
Continue reading “Tomato, spinach and ricotta lasagne”

Beef Wellington

Beef-Wellington-WI-100-YearsTo celebrate the birth of Prince Louis, we’ve decided that this week, our recipe is going to be something very stereotypically British. Even though this is a meal that is enjoyed all across the country, did you know that it actually originates from a French dish? That’s right, it’s Beef Wellington! A delicious piece of beef smothered in yummy onions and mushrooms, and wrapped in pastry… what more could you want? Serve this dish up with a side of potatoes, veg and lashing of gravy. Continue reading “Beef Wellington”