Layered aubergine and lentil bake

aubergine_2This low-calorie vegetarian-friendly meal is packed full of autumnal vegetables and lentils to give it a bit of bulk. Arranged in a layered style, much like lasagna, this dish is best served up hot with a side salad during this cooler season. With a topping of bubbling mozzarella, the whole family will find this meal totally irresistible and delicious! Continue reading “Layered aubergine and lentil bake”

Courgette and mushroom cannelloni

492160-1-eng-GB_courgette-and-mushroom-cannelloni-470x540Summer is a season that is packed full of delicious fruits and vegetables, but one of the most delicious is courgette, that’s why today’s recipe is packed full of the stuff! This cannelloni is stuffed with courgette, mushrooms, spinach and ricotta, so you can just imagine how delicious it is. It’s ideal for all the family, including vegetarians, and would go down extremely well with a side salad and garlic bread.
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Homemade fish and chips


476306-1-eng-GB_fish-and-chips-470x540With all this gorgeously sunny and warm weather we’ve been having, we’re certain that many trips to the beach have been had. And of course, when you’re at the beach you’ve just got to have fish and chips! Today, we’re sharing this recipe for homemade fish and chips (which is definitely just as good as seaside food) for the days that a bit cooler and the beach isn’t calling you. In this recipe, we will also be sharing how to make a gherkin and caper sauce, which is the perfect accompaniment for this dish! Continue reading “Homemade fish and chips”