The perfect Christmas turkey

xmas-dinner-resizedHaving turkey is a pretty big Christmas tradition, so many of us strive to cook it perfectly. Everybody has their preferred methods, but this recipe has come straight from the NFWI archives, so you know it’s go to be good! It features chopped apples which go perfectly with tender turkey meat, as well as little cranberry pastries that would work perfectly as a pre-dinner nibble or for eating with a small piece of meat on top. There is a fair amount of work that goes into getting your turkey just right, so start planning now! Continue reading “The perfect Christmas turkey”

Sweet potato-topped cottage pie

sweet-potato-topped-cottage-pieNow that the dark nights are well and truly here, it’s time to indulge in a bit of comfort food and today, we’re sharing just that! You can’t really go wrong with cottage pie (you could even make it with Quorn mince for a veggie-friendly option), but this particular one has a slight twist. It’s topped with sweet potato making it a super delicious and different option to a regular cottage pie. Continue reading “Sweet potato-topped cottage pie”

Layered aubergine and lentil bake

aubergine_2This low-calorie vegetarian-friendly meal is packed full of autumnal vegetables and lentils to give it a bit of bulk. Arranged in a layered style, much like lasagna, this dish is best served up hot with a side salad during this cooler season. With a topping of bubbling mozzarella, the whole family will find this meal totally irresistible and delicious! Continue reading “Layered aubergine and lentil bake”