Veggie cottage pie

vegetables-498842We’ve got another fantastic British Food Fortnight-inspired recipe to share with you all this week, straight from NFWI! Last week, we were all about the pud, but this week, we’re feeling like it’s time for the main course. This veggie pie is packed full of seasonal goodness and makes eating your vegetables way more fun. It’s especially perfect now that the weather is getting colder! Continue reading “Veggie cottage pie”

Cornish potato cake

potato-544073__340We’re always on the look out for exciting ways to use up leftovers and reduce our food waste, so when we saw this recipe on the NFWI website, we just had to share it with you all! If you’ve found yourself with leftover mash or pre-cooked boiled potatoes, you’re going to love this Cornish potato cake. It’s so easy to make and can even be made into individual cakes to eat alongside meat and veg. Continue reading “Cornish potato cake”

Livorno seafood stew

pexels-photo-725992Happy September, everyone! While we know we’re not really in a summer month anymore, summer isn’t technically over, so we don’t have to say goodbye to those fresh flavours just yet. Try out this delicious seafood stew, which draws inspiration from the stews created in Livorno, near Florence in Italy. We just know that you’re going to love it! Continue reading “Livorno seafood stew”