Fillet of lamb with rosemary

fillet-lamb-296Lamb is a meat that is at it’s most tender and juiciest during the spring, making it ideal for an Easter dinner. In this recipe, we’ll be sharing how to make a rosemary marinade for the fillets to soak in to result in a beautifully flavoured meat that can be cooked up and served with seasonal veg and gravy. Continue reading “Fillet of lamb with rosemary”

Gooey chocolate brownies

IMG_4171If you weren’t at our most recent meeting, you missed out on a batch of the most scrumptious gooey brownies, baked by our President! They were so scrumptious, in fact, that many people requested that we post the recipe online, so here it is in all its glory! They’re deliciously moist with a slight crunch from the chopped walnuts, making them a taste and texture sensation! Continue reading “Gooey chocolate brownies”

Sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce

sticky-toffee-pud-cropped-shutterstock_14926096With only a week away from Mother’s Day, it’s crucial that partners, children and loved ones start planning that special dinner for their mums or wives. There are so many great ideas of what you could do on the day, but for the final course, we thought that there could be only one option – sticky toffee pudding. This is a true classic that is loved by everyone and it’s so simple to make that even the most unskilled of bakers could pull it off! Topped off with a generous splash of butterscotch sauce, this pud is bound to be a winner. Continue reading “Sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce”