The perfect Christmas turkey

xmas-dinner-resizedHaving turkey is a pretty big Christmas tradition, so many of us strive to cook it perfectly. Everybody has their preferred methods, but this recipe has come straight from the NFWI archives, so you know it’s go to be good! It features chopped apples which go perfectly with tender turkey meat, as well as little cranberry pastries that would work perfectly as a pre-dinner nibble or for eating with a small piece of meat on top. There is a fair amount of work that goes into getting your turkey just right, so start planning now! Continue reading “The perfect Christmas turkey”

Boozy Baileys Christmas brownies

IMG_5462You know things are getting festive when we’re taking the Baileys out of the cupboard! Brownies are things that can be made for any time of the year, so we’ve added a little extra spice and glitz to these for Christmas. They’re rich and indulgent, so would make a brilliant tea-time treat and would go down a storm at a party! Continue reading “Boozy Baileys Christmas brownies”