Chilli cardamom sorbet and tuile biscuits

chilli-cardamom-sorbet-cropped-and-resizedIt would be rude of us to not share an ice cream-y recipe during this heatwave that we’re having, wouldn’t it? We’re certain that plenty of you have been dining al fresco over these past couple of weeks, and if you’re planning another outdoor meal, why not try this dessert? Chilli and chocolate are an age-old pairing that work so perfectly together. Don’t worry, the chilli is only subtle and combined with the frozen coolness, this dessert is sure to be a hit with the whole family!
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Summer jam



Well, it’s been an absolute scorcher of a week, hasn’t it? We’ve loved being out in the sun and we’re sure that our plants have loved it even more. If you’re a summer berry grower, then you’re going to love the recipe we have today. This is a jam made entirely of berries found in this glorious season, so whether you grow your own or buy in, we highly recommend you give this treat a go! It’s very simple to achieve, so even a total beginner to jam recipes will be able to produce a delicious batch.
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