Thai prawn cakes with rocket salad and dipping sauce

659470-1-eng-GB_thai-prawn-cakes-with-dipping-sauce-and-rocket-salad-470x540One thing we love about summer is all of the flavours that go hand-in-hand with it, which why we’re sharing a recipe today that is packed full of deliciousness and is ideal for summer starters or tapas. These prawn cakes are ridiculously easy to make, but are sure to impress, especially when served alongside the homemade dipping sauce and seasonal rocket salad. Each bite of the cakes bursts with lime, ginger and coriander, so not only are they simple to make, but they’re also extremely tasty! Continue reading “Thai prawn cakes with rocket salad and dipping sauce”

Homemade fish and chips


476306-1-eng-GB_fish-and-chips-470x540With all this gorgeously sunny and warm weather we’ve been having, we’re certain that many trips to the beach have been had. And of course, when you’re at the beach you’ve just got to have fish and chips! Today, we’re sharing this recipe for homemade fish and chips (which is definitely just as good as seaside food) for the days that a bit cooler and the beach isn’t calling you. In this recipe, we will also be sharing how to make a gherkin and caper sauce, which is the perfect accompaniment for this dish! Continue reading “Homemade fish and chips”