Salted caramel apple tartlets


Salted-Caramet-Apple-Tartlets-8We don’t know about you, but when we think of autumnal flavours, as well as all of the spices, we can’t help but think of caramel apples. Who remembers almost breaking their teeth from trying to bite into a caramel apple and watching the fireworks go off or whilst trick or treating? Inspired by this, we’re sharing this recipe for little tartlets that are filled with a salted caramel sauce and topped off with an apple rose. They’re ideal for an autumnal afternoon tea!
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Courgette and lime cake

20806890_10155720754216579_1578587999_oCourgette cake is an absolute classic, so we treated our ladies to some as part of our summer social. As it proved so popular, we’ve decided to pop the recipe online, so you can bake and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home! This deliciously moist treat is sweet and slightly zesty, thanks to the lime cream cheese frosting it’s topped with. We promise that it will go down a storm with your family – even the most avid of courgette hater will love it! Continue reading “Courgette and lime cake”

Strawberry and vanilla shortcakes



It’s early July and there are fuzzy green balls flying about in London… that can only mean one thing… it’s the perfect time for strawberries! Now, we could’ve just shared a recipe for strawberries and cream, in true Wimbledon style, but how boring’s that? So instead, we’ve thrown in some shortcake and jam as well, just to spice things up! These strawberry and vanilla shortcakes are absolutely divine and the perfect tea-time (or tennis) treat for this time of the year. Continue reading “Strawberry and vanilla shortcakes”