Battenburg cake

battenburg-WIE-compressed-480It’s been a while since we featured anything cakey on our recipe feature and with all the Royal goings-on at the minute, we thought we’d share something inspired! It is said that this delicious cake was first made to celebrate Prince Louis of Battenburg’s marriage to Princess Victoria in 1884 – who knew it had been around that long?! This scrumptious, chequered treat is loved by people across the country and is surprisingly easy to make, so give it a go! Continue reading “Battenburg cake”

Queen’s Jubilee scones

86db8051-639b-400d-8d0f-7038b0f531da--Scones_with_Berries_and_Clotted_Cream-08Next week, we’re certain to see lots of parties and celebrations as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting married! We thought we’d share a royal-inspired recipe this week that is relatively easy to make, so you can enjoy watching the wedding with a homemade British treat. These scones are filled with red, white and blue to represent the Union Jack, so they’re ideal for the occasion. Continue reading “Queen’s Jubilee scones”

Vegetable crisps

vegetable-chips-with-rosemary-salt-44873-1We’re having a hot one today, so we’ve got the perfect recipe for all your al fresco dining! Vegetable crisps can be somewhat expensive to buy, but they’re actually pretty easy to make and with the likes of wonky veg boxes on sale in supermarkets, they’re great for using up leftovers or less appealing pieces. Make sure to eat them with the homemade dip for the ultimate flavour sensations! Continue reading “Vegetable crisps”