Easy peach jam


sep-11_home-made-peach-jam_b_330x330We’re well and truly into summer now (although it doesn’t feel like it on some days), so it’s about time we started thinking of other summer fruits, and not just berries. This is a ridiculously simple jam recipe that uses peaches, one of our favourite summer fruits. It would be delicious sandwiched between two cakes or on toast for a gorgeous summer breakfast. At the end of the recipe, we’ll also give you a couple of suggestions of other fruits that this easy recipe would work with, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Continue reading “Easy peach jam”

Tomato and basil savoury jam

RU203696.jpg.rendition.largestWe’re all big fans of sweet jam, but have you ever tried a savoury jam? If not, then you should definitely give this recipe a go, as it results in a delicious preserve that is ideal for the coming summer. This jam can be used in a variety of ways, but it is the perfect accompaniment to meats and cheeses. It’s especially delicious in a toasted sandwich!

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