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10 ways to use pumpkin guts

pumpkins-1529604270It’s October, which means it’s officially spooky season! We can start to get excited about Halloween and everything that comes with it – crafting, decorating, baking and the rest! One thing that has been a Halloween staple for years is pumpkin carving, but who else is guilty of throwing away all of the guts once you’ve scooped them all out? There’s actually a whole variety of things you can do with the pumpkin flesh and seeds, so take a look at those post for some inspiration!

  1. Easy pumpkin puree – many recipes that include pumpkin require pumpkin puree, so have a go at making your own
  2. Roasted pumpkin seeds – for a healthy snack alternative, save the pumpkin seeds and roast them up. They’re tasty and good for you!
  3. Pumpkin body scrub – pumpkin is packed full of natural enzymes that rejuvenate the skin, so have a go at creating your own body scrub
  4. Pumpkin soup – serve up this earthy soup with a side of crusty bread
  5. Pumpkin bread with cream cheese swirl – if you love hearty autumnal baking, this sweet bread will be right up your street!
  6. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls – we’re absolutely drooling over this recipe. The thought of delicious pumpkin and autumn spices together is just mouth-wateringly good
  7. Pumpkin seed necklace – this is actually a lot more beautiful than it sounds and so easy to create
  8. Pumpkin skin dog treats – baked pumpkin skin is great for dogs and makes a wonderful treat alternative
  9. Whipped pumpkin butter lotion – another fabulous skincare make! This lotion will have your skin feeling super soft and luxurious
  10. Pumpkin cheesecake bars – the beauty of pumpkin is that it can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes. We just know you’re going to love these scrumptious little cheesecake squares!


Veggie cottage pie

vegetables-498842We’ve got another fantastic British Food Fortnight-inspired recipe to share with you all this week, straight from NFWI! Last week, we were all about the pud, but this week, we’re feeling like it’s time for the main course. This veggie pie is packed full of seasonal goodness and makes eating your vegetables way more fun. It’s especially perfect now that the weather is getting colder! Continue reading “Veggie cottage pie”