Sweet pepper and chorizo soup

sweet-Pepper-and-chorizo-Soup-WIE-480We’re all egging on spring to come around as much as we can, but it seems like winter just won’t let go. There’s still a bit of a bite in the air, so today, we’re sharing a soup recipe to help warm you up a little! It has a little bit of a kick to it, thanks to the chorizo, but it also has a hint of sweetness from the pepper and tomato. It’s ideal for taking out in a flask or as a starter. Continue reading “Sweet pepper and chorizo soup”

Leek and onion tartlets

leek-_and_-onion-tarlets-resizedWe’ve decided to continue with our meat-free recipe theme this week, and thought we’d share this scrumptious starter recipe. These leek and onion tartlets are completely vegetarian and utterly delicious. They could be served up hot or cold with a small side salad or packed up for a picnic! They take next to no effort to make, so it’s an ideal bake for those of us that aren’t too skilled in the kitchen, but want to make a yummy, meat-free dish. Continue reading “Leek and onion tartlets”

Spiced parsnip and apple soup

335197-1-eng-GB_spiced-parsnip-and-apple-soup-470x540Brrrrr the cold weather has definitely set in now, hasn’t it? And we all know that the best remedy for cold weather is a piping hot bowl of soup and some crusty bread. Get super festive this season with this recipe for spiced parsnip and apple soup – a marriage made in heaven! Ideal for a starter or lunch, this soup has a little kick of spice in every slurp, so it’s great for warming up the whole family! Continue reading “Spiced parsnip and apple soup”