Spiced parsnip and apple soup

335197-1-eng-GB_spiced-parsnip-and-apple-soup-470x540Brrrrr the cold weather has definitely set in now, hasn’t it? And we all know that the best remedy for cold weather is a piping hot bowl of soup and some crusty bread. Get super festive this season with this recipe for spiced parsnip and apple soup – a marriage made in heaven! Ideal for a starter or lunch, this soup has a little kick of spice in every slurp, so it’s great for warming up the whole family! Continue reading “Spiced parsnip and apple soup”

Mushroom crostini

mushroom_crostini_99270_16x9Crostino are a typical starter from Italy, a wonderfully warm country, which is what the UK isn’t right now as we head into autumn. That’s why we’ve opted for this delicious and warm starter for you to serve up at your next dinner! Each of the slices of toasted Pugliese or sourdough bread is topped off with mushrooms and spices, resulting in a flavoursome and warming starter. Mushrooms are also an autumnal vegetable, so you will find them in abundance to use for this recipe!
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Salmon terrine


606361-1-eng-GB_salmon-terrine-470x540Salmon is the perfect fish to eat during summer, due to it’s delicious, light flavour and versatility. Today, we’re sharing this recipe for a salmon terrine, a recipe that every cook should have in their repertoire! It’s beautifully creamy with chunks of pickled celery thrown into the mix for extra texture. It’s all wrapped up in slices of salmon, making it easy to cut into pieces without the spreadable centre losing its shape. This is an ideal dish to serve up as part of a sharing starter with crusty bread and a side salad!

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