Monday Makes – summer party ideas

17cc39faefb8eaa0908980e5d53647adNow that summer is well and truly here, along with a lovely little heatwave, many of us have been spending a lot of time outdoors. This could be to do a spot of gardening, have a BBQ or just enjoy the rays a little, but why not celebrate this time by throwing a garden party? We’ve thrown together a few crafty ideas to get the ball rolling!

Glitter ice cubes – while these ice cubes are not edible, they’d look great in an ice bucket with a bottle of champers!

Cardboard ring toss – this game is very easy to make and you or your kids can have fun decorating each ring before trying to score a point.

Hawaiian leis – add a tropical touch to your party with these homemade leis.

Bunting cupcakes – cupcakes are ideal for any sort of party and these ones feature an adorable bunting motif!

Fruit sparklers – this is a much more fun way of presenting a fruit salad!

Paper umbrella garland – you know we love a garland here at HVWI, and this could be one of our favourites.

Decorative palm leaves – these paper leaves are so easy to create and could be used in a variety of ways.

Fresh strawberry lemonade – no one will be able to resist this delicious drink!

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