Monday Makes – crafts to encourage birds into your garden

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot everyone is big on chart music these days, but have you heard that the RSPB have released a track that is currently in the top 40? It’s a collection of bird sounds that we lose, following the release of shocking statistics about UK widlife – did you know that since in the last 50 years, we’ve lost over 40 million birds from our UK skies?!

So for today’s Monday Makes, we thought we’d put together a collection of ideas to help us all get crafting to encourage wildlife into our gardens and communities. If you’d like to read more about the RSPB’s campaign, please click here!

Build a wooden bird box – the RSPB have lots of helpful tips on how to build a traditional, wooden bird box. These are ideal for encouraging small birds into the garden and expanding bird families

Upcycled plant pot bird house – got lots of those black plastic plant pots lying about? Turn them into an upcycled home for our feathered friends!

image_update_imgGet creative with your upcycling – there are so many amazing and more advanced upcycled bird box ideas on the web. We love this clock bird box and this amazing ukulele!

Homemade bird feeders – hang these bird feeders up around your garden or community to encourage birds to come and eat

Build a log pile – log piles are absolute haven for all kinds of bugs, which means they’re the perfect hunting ground for birds

Peanut wreaths – wild birds will love clinging on to the wreath and pecking at the nuts! You could even add some dried fruit to the wreath to make it prettier and more fun

Homemade bird bath – bird baths provide somewhere for birds to have a drink and clean themselves, so we’ve linked a blog post with LOTS of bird bath ideas, but take at the RSPB page for their tips on making the best bird baths possible

Together, we can #LetNatureSing!


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