Monday Makes – bird houses and feeders

0b3bd09dab174e68a74867ed047de6adWhile it’s all well and good making crafts for our homes, have you had a go at making anything for our wildlife friends in the garden? In this post, we’re going to share a few ideas on how to decorate bird houses and how to make some pretty great feeders!

Recycled tin can feeder – don’t throw away your cans! Use them to make this adorable and simple feeder.

Penny roof bird house – the roof of those bird house is covered in layers of pennies and looks so stunning!

Easy cheerios feeder – a little known fact about birds is that they love cereal, so spare some of your Cheerios to make this delicious feeder.

Upcycled milk carton feeder – this is such a good craft to do with kids, as they’ll love decorating the cartons!

$4 bird feeder – for all of you that are handy with woodwork, this feeder is for you. It’s so cheap and simple to make, and leaves room for any decorations you’d like.

Tea pot bird house – this is a gorgeous upcycling project that will add a touch of Alice In Wonderland to your garden.

Wine cork bird house – you will need a lot of patience (and wine corks) for this project, but the finished piece is so cute!

Green roof bird house – again, this project requires some woodwork skill, but this particular house is great for the environment.

Heinz ketchup feeder – the name of this is a bit strange, but bear with us! This is a great way to recycle any old ketchup bottles you’ve got.


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